Thursday, November 3, 2011

In Danger of Being Discovered

"In Danger of Being Discovered" won best NH Doc at the 2011 New Hampshire Film Festival.

About the film: "Set against the backdrop of the flourishing mid 90's Portsmouth, N.H. music scene, "In Danger of Being Discovered" examines what it means to be successful in the music business through the soul searching eyes of the musicians themselves. In what could have been the 'next Seattle', some dreams were realized, some were lost and the magic that binds every local music scene in every small town was tested."

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Hosed -

Hosed a comedy series about a volunteer fire department in Effingwoods NH. In this episode Ben (Juston McKinney) and Smitty (Gary Valentine) respond to a fire call. This episode co-stars Lenny Clarke (Rescue Me).

is a webseries created by Juston McKinney and Directed by Marc Dole

This is the playlist to watch the upcoming episodes

Created & Written by Juston McKinney

Directed by Marc Dole

Gary Valentine
Juston McKinney

Patty Ross
Tom Schillue
Bernadette Pauley

Guest Starring
Lenny Clark
Frank Santorelli

Produced by
Stanley Pavuk
Juston McKinney
Marc Dole
Karlina Lyons

Associate Producers
Michael Venn
Angel Smith
Scott Orlosk

Music by
Lost Nation Road

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

"New Dad State of Mind"

After a few months of talking about it we spent the last few weeks shooting this music video parody. Many other parodies of Jay Z's "Empire State of Mind" have centered around regions of the country and of course Star Wars. We took the experience of being a new dad and added a beat.

The tech details:
2 days of shooting. Shot on a Canon 7D, Edited on Final Cut Pro and it was my first experience with LED lights, which were nice and cool to work around.


"New Dad State of Mind"
Juston McKinney, Lyrics & Vocals
Renee Dupuis, Vocals
Shaun Michaud, Music & Engineering
Bob Lord, Music Producer

Produced by Juston McKinney, Michael Venn, Marc Dole and Bob Lord

Directed & Edited by Marc Dole

Cinematography by Jonathon Millman

Still Photography by PT Sullivan

Art Direction - Rebecca Jones
Renee's hair by Carole Pucci

Alex Knuuttunen
Andrew Bohenko

Jib Operator
Dave Langley

Hair & Makeup
Carole Pucci

Production Assistant
Jessica Jule Rather

Special Thanks
Eyelook Optical
Jennifer McKinney
Wanda Dole
Karlina Lyons
Elizabeth McKinney
Colin McKinney
Stanley Pavuk
Marc Scully
Perry McKinney
Jack McKinney
Joshua McKinney
Perry McKinney
Jeff Koen

Monday, February 1, 2010

Meeting of Mito-Moms, & Dads & Cousins etc

Mito-Kids is looking for people to get involved! We invite you to join us in our effort to bring attention to the subject of Mitochondrial disease through the production of the feature film "Mito-Kids."

This week is the first official week that Connie Bottinelli as Executive Producer, and Darren Dodge as Associate Producer. They will be joining the award winning team of Karlina Lyons, and Wanda & Marc Dole and all the great people that have helped get us this far.

We are looking for people with marketing experience and for people to research into everything from potential corporate sponsors to current medical information on Mitochondrial disease.

We are also looking for people without marketing experience but have the drive to help us get this project in the public eye.

Mito-Kids works with the local non-profit Annie's Angels to raise funds that will help alleviate the costs of production. We are in the process of setting up an LLC for potential investors as we develop this groundbreaking film.

We would like to have a kick off meeting this weekend on either Saturday afternoon at the Hatchling Ballroom at 3 Congress St in Portsmouth, NH. Please let us know if you are interested and if you are available to attend. if you are interested but cannot attend please email us your skype or other IM name and we will try and do a live stream of the meeting.

please email us to RSVP and you can also RSVP on our facebook fan page.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Mito-Kids wins Best Documentary NHFF 2009

"Crooked Lane" & "Mito-Kids" Honored.

NH Film Festival kicked off Thursday with a packed house at The Music Hall to see Marc Dole's "Mito-Kids: Documenting Life" win NH Documentary Film of the Year and Chase Bailey's "Crooked Lane" win NH Film of the Year. Both awards were determined by the NH Jury.
Mito-Kids 2009 Best NH Documentary
In "Mito-Kids," Dole, the owner and founder of Hatchling Studios, told the story of his four teenage daughters who have grown up with disabilities that stem from mitochondrial disease, a chronic, genetic disorder that occurs when the mitochondria of the cell fail to function properly.

Foster's Daily Democrat
Seacoast Online

When Bailey's name was called for "Crooked Lane," the entire cast and crew joined him on stage, including stars Ann Cusack ("The Informant!"), Brett Cullen ("Lost"), Eliya-Quaye Constance, 9, of Brentwood; Noa Siegel, 11, of Exeter; executive producer Mark Constance and co-producer Bethany Constance (parents to Eliya-Quaye).

Crooked Lane

Monday, October 12, 2009

MITO-KIDS: DOCUMENTING LIFE and TWEET to have home town premieres at the New Hampshire Film Festival.

PORTSMOUTH, NH (October 12, 2009) This week’s New Hampshire film festival will feature 6 films created with the support of Hatchling Studios. The documentary Mito-Kids: Documenting Life and the award winning short Tweet were directed by Marc Dole founder of Hatchling, which celebrated its tenth year in business in September.

“After ten years in business and offering many different services, we were very happy this year to be involved in so many great films that brought us back to our core skills as storytellers.” said Dole.

Mito-Kids: Documenting Life Produced by Marc & Wanda Dole and Karlina Lyons, Mito-Kids is about the struggles, triumphs and everyday life of a New Hampshire family in which four teenage sisters have grown up with disabilities that stem from mitochondrial disease, a chronic, genetic disorder that occurs when the mitochondria of the cell fail to function properly. The girls face challenges that include seizures, deafness, diabetes, immune disorders and severe learning and developmental disabilities. Yet despite these many challenges, Mito-Kids is an inspirational and relatable film about perseverance and family.

"I have always loved making and watching documentary films, I just never knew I was in the middle of my own documentary. But now that I am I hope we can bring awareness to the world about this disease." said director and father Marc Dole.

The Dole family has shot close to 100 hours of home video, beginning with the birth of their first daughter 20 years ago. The story starts before mitochondrial conditions were even a mention at medical conferences, let alone an area of genetic study. Mito-Kids follows the family through holidays and family vacations, seizures and hospital stays. Interviews with medical experts explain the role of mitochondria in producing cellular energy and reveal what happens to the human body when these cellular powerhouses fail. The incidence of mitochondrial disease is estimated at 1:3000-4000 individuals in the US and yet the disease is relatively unheard of in the public sector and poorly understood in the medical community. Mito-Kids aims to increase the understanding of mitochondrial disease and its connection to epilepsy, diabetes, ALS, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, Heart Disease and many other neurological disorders.
The premiere screening of Mito-Kids will take place October 15th at 4:45 PM at The Music Hall along with the short films Cinema 93, No Good Reason and Finding Someplace Like America. A second screening is scheduled for October 18th at 2:30 PM at the Moffett Ladd House along with Ear Whacks, Cinema 93, Happy Hunting and Finding Someplace Like America.

Tweet puts a social networking spin on the classic cop genre. Tweet won best director and best film at the 2009 NH 48 hour project. Starring fellow director, Chase Bailey (Crooked Lane) as officer J.P Jones, Tweet is a short comedy about a police officer who uses social media websites like Twitter, YourTube and Facebook to catch criminals. This 48 hour test of endurance and filmmaking skill included a 15 person team who worked non-stop one weekend to make the film. Producers Wanda Dole and Karlina Lyons were joined by other Hatchlings of past and present including writer J. Zachary Pike, and graphic designers Brian Meanley and Jeremy Clough.

Tweet, winner of Best Director at the NH 48 Hour Film Project, will premiere on Thursday, October 15. The festival is open to the general public.

From Producing to Editing and Visual Effects the Hatchling team has also taken part in Crooked Lane, Killing Dinner, Ear Whacks, and Drawing from Life.

“Whether it's a television commercial, or a corporate video, our daily work at Hatchling is to be storytellers.” said Dole “Working on independent films is just an extension of what we do day to day. The great thing about working on indie films is that it allows us to flex our creative muscles, and try new techniques.”

On Tweet Dole encouraged director of photography Jonathan Millman to use his Nikon D-90 digital still camera to shoot the video. “Using a DSLR camera allowed us to use prime lenses like hollywood features to create a rich cinematic depth of field.” said Dole. It also created many other challenges because the camera was not built for shooting a movie.

Four other NH films
On Crooked Lane the Hatchling team created a digital workflow based on the ground breaking RED One camera. The RED is a full size, high end camera used by many cutting edge filmmakers like Peter Jackson (Lord of the Rings) and is quickly becoming the predominant digital camera for indie film makers. Hatchling was there on set with laptops in hand transferring the files off the camera and starting visual effects and editing hours as soon as the first scene was shot.

“The RED allowed us a completely digital workflow along with a four thousand pixel wide image so we had a lot of data to work with to create the 15 visual effects we did” said Brian Meanley who was the Visual Effects supervisor for the film.

Looking forward to 2010 and the production of the feature length documentary Mito-Kids Hatchling also has an animated short called Super Service directed by Brian Meanley in production along with supporting 4 other live action short films made by our friends in the New Hampshire Film Community.

About Hatchling
Hatchling is an award-winning interactive, animation, and content creation company located in the scenic heart of Portsmouth, NH. With clients like MTV, NBC and ESPN to brands like Reebok, Charmin, Timberland and PC Connection. Hatchling's short films include The Toll, Endurance Challenge: Mordred's Isle and Tweet

About the New Hampshire Film Festival
The New Hampshire Film Festival (NHFF) presents the best in recent independent cinema from throughout the United States and around the world to New Hampshire and New England audiences. Since its debut in 2001 as the New Hampshire Film Expo, the New Hampshire Film Festival has grown in leaps and bounds. These days, heavy hitters such as Avid and Regal Cinemas lend their sponsorship, while industry experts participate on panels and in workshops.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

N.H. Film Festival previews 'best ever' program |

N.H. Film Festival previews 'best ever' program |

By Gina Carbone
October 02, 2009 2:00 AM

PORTSMOUTH — The New Hampshire Film Festival is like Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon.

Everyone involved seems to have five different roles on 10 different films, many shot by friends and colleagues on the Seacoast.
Several of those filmmakers and organizers gathered Thursday night at The Page for the NHFF Media Party.

The NHFF started as a "film expo" in Derry with around 70 film submissions and a program of roughly 50 films. Now it's entering its ninth year with more than 700 submissions from around the world and a program of 80 films from Oct. 15-18 in downtown Portsmouth.

"It's the best ever. The deepest ever," said Zac Gregg, festival finance director. "Some years it's been hard to fill the program. This year, it was hard to say no to a lot of people."

Headlining films this year include "Serious Moonlight" with Meg Ryan, Kristen Bell, Justin Long and Timothy Hutton; "Paper Heart," featuring Michael Cera of "Juno" and "Arrested Development"; and "Mystery Team," a comedy shot in New Hampshire from Manchester filmmaker Dan Eckman.

Some bold-faced names acting behind the scenes include George Clooney and Steven Soderbergh, executive producers of the documentary "Playground"; and Morgan Freeman, executive producer of the documentaries "Delta Rising" and "Prom Night in Mississippi."

The festival will include around 30 New Hampshire films, with several shot at least partially in Portsmouth. Some of those hyper-local films include "Crooked Lane," "Ear Whacks," "Killing Dinner," "Drawing from Life," "Tweet" and "Mito-Kids."

Ann Cusack — sister of actors John and Joan Cusack and one of the stars of "Crooked Lane" — will be in attendance and serve on the Grand Jury.

NHFF Executive Director Nicole Gregg said the quality of the festival "improves exponentially every year."

"In addition to the headliners and probably our most accomplished New Hampshire Night ever, we have the most consistent program all the way through," she said. "Our most proud program through and through."

And there are new venues this year in which to showcase the films: Seacoast Repertory Theatre and the Moffatt-Ladd House have been added as screening locations.

"Part of the festival is to highlight Portsmouth," Nicole Gregg said. "It's really rounding out the program nicely."

Because the festival has reached out on a global level — with more than a dozen countries represented — Gregg said filmmakers are flying in from all over the world and putting themselves up in local hotels to attend the festival.

"Close to 90 percent of the films will be represented by filmmakers," she said.

On Thursday, at least 50 area filmmakers and supporters drank, talked and watched the debut of the 2009 NHFF trailer.

Among those mingling were City Manager John Bohenko; Marc Dole, writer/director/producer of "Mito-Kids," co-writer/director and actor in "Tweet," executive producer of "Ear Whacks" and producer of "Drawing from Life"; Alfred Thomas Catalfo, writer/director/producer and actor in "Ear Whacks"; Mark Constance, producer of "Killing Dinner" and executive producer of "Crooked Lane"; and Chase Bailey, who acted in "Ear Whacks," "Tweet" and "Killing Dinner," was an associate producer on "Mito-Kids," an executive producer on "Killing Dinner" and the Keira Knightley film "The Continuing and Lamentable Saga of the Suicide Brothers," and wrote/directed/edited "Crooked Lane," starring Brett Cullen and Ann Cusack.

Cullen, whom fans may recognize from "Lost" and "Apollo 13," has featured roles in three NHFF films: "Crooked Lane," "Killing Dinner" and "The Burning Plain."

Cullen also co-starred in "The Life Before Her Eyes," which played at the festival last year and which was co-produced by Bailey. The two are both starring in "Killing Dinner."

In addition to executive producing the Keira Knightley film showing on N.H. Night, Bailey was also an executive producer on the 2004 Johnny Depp film "The Libertine."

Bailey has been a supporter of the NHFF for years — serving on the Grand Jury at one point and currently a member of the Board of Directors, along with Constance and Dole. He spent Thursday night chatting with local peers.

"This is my hometown," Bailey said. "I love it. And it's so well run."

Of the films he's not involved in, he's most looking forward to: "Mystery Team" ("I've heard nothing but great reviews about it"), "The Burning Plain" ("I really want to see that") and the documentary "Food, Inc.," which will include an appearance by Stonyfield Yogurt CE-Yo Gary Hirshberg.

One of the strengths of the festival is its small-town location, and Bailey hopes it keeps that appeal while also continuing to grow in quality.

"I want it to be the East Coast Sundance," Bailey said. "It's got a lot of years (to get there), but it could."