Wednesday, May 26, 1999

Day 1

After being laid off from a job you love is a tremendously difficult thing. It took me 2 months to get back to a normal work schedule. Well I did do odd jobs for my Dad's business and my Grandfathers business, But driving a car delivering dentures and doing construction demolition are not exactly in my resume. My friend Mike A, who was a couple years older than me but started as an intern at Wreckless, and is an Amazing painter and airbrush artist, got a project freelanced to him and asked me to help him out. So was born M2-3D. The name actually came from another animator at Wreckless named Geoff who one day said to Mike and I "so what is M2-3D going to do" meaning when we all got laid off (he saw it coming i guess).
Marc and Mike 3D animation did a few jobs in the summer of 1999 but towards the end of Summer the distance of the partnership (Mike in Ct me in NH) got tough pitching projects and Mike brought on a sales person (Another former WA person). This didn't leave me in the cold but I kept the name M2-3D (saying it meant Multi Media 3D Animation) and Mike Started Xvivo, which now does AMAZING medical animation, I mean the stuff really blows me away. To this day Mike and I still get on the phone and talk about clients, employees, and fixing the Amiga (The old computer system we used before we got real jobs).