Monday, April 7, 2008

George Orwell's MAC

I don't know if I have asimilated a MAC persona or my inner MAC has been brought into the light. I always hated people calling their laptop 'My Mac' or worse yet, 'My MacBookPro' with Leopard. For crying out loud its a laptop and it only as good as the operator.
Maybe these people want a sense of belonging that MAC ownership gives them. Is it like being a high tech frat brother? Do you get invited to better parties now?
My father in-law used to call his TV 'My Sony' and my kids wore Pampers and we wiped their faces with Kleenex. So brand names are very often in our common vernacular. But I have always felt that saying 'My MacBook' showed a weakness in character of someone grasping to be included in a larger high school clique.

I write this from Interstate 95 South on my way to Cambridge in My Toyota 4 Runner Sports Edition, onto my Palm Treo 700zw. I will log on later tonight to fix any spelling mistakes on My MacBooPro.

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