Saturday, July 19, 2008

July update

We went shopping when the power went out today. We finally found a Wii
and used the gift cards I had been saving since Xmas to get all the
accesories but Mario Kart was sold out.

Have not touched "In The Cards" in 2 weeks since I got back on the
sales bandwagon.
Episode 3 of "Endurance Challenge" goes into animation this week.
Our game for ECMI is also in development
Working a few sales leads for August work but mostly setting the
groundwork for September work.
Zack wrote a new trailer for Flare and we are storyboarding that as
well as building a few of the characters in 3D for a new investor pitch.
The SF Producer who is working on getting development funds for Flare
has taken our list of AList actors to see if he can get them attached.
Met with an Account Exec I tried to hire last year and things look
great for him joining this year.
And my meeting with a guy who is a major player at a Boston/NY agency
went great and I hope to continue conversations with him about a
lasting partnership


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